Workflow Optimized

Our solutions combine 3 elements – predictive analytics, segmented workflows and on-going performance management – to prioritize activity and tailor workflow to impact net income and drive improved outcomes.

Predictive Analytics

Know the future. Harness the insight of predictive analytics.

Account-level predictive models uncover future behavior at key points in the provider-patient relationship. Using a proprietary experiential database of over 100 million patient encounters from over 500 hospitals and thousands of clinical outlets nationally, advanced models deliver a variety of predictions – from patient collections and denial patterns to readmission and utilization risk.

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Segmented Workflows

Establish rule-driven workflows based on predictive analytics.

What if you knew which accounts would yield the most cash? What if you knew which patients carried the greatest clinical risk? Eliminate low-value activity and prioritize work to focus resources where the effort will yield the most value for your patients and your organization.

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Performance Management

Continuously improve and maximize the impact of the predictive analytic technology and segmented workflows.

Track results and compare your performance to other organizations. Get a clear view of opportunities to improve and act. From the very first design session, the team offers a perspective of best performing providers from around the country. Continuous collaboration improves workflow for immediate and sustained results.

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Client Success

“We increased our collections in early out and bad debt by 30%…and the only change we made was the deployment of Connance.”

Cathy Dougherty,
Vice President of Revenue Cycle,
Gwinnett Medical Center

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