Insight from performance analysis and experience drives immediate and sustained improvements

Change is inevitable. Patient and payer mix changes; new regulations are introduced; protocols evolve. As a result, there are always opportunities to enhance and improve. All deployments include ongoing performance analysis with operational experts who understand the changing healthcare landscape.

  • Performance diagnostic tools – Root cause analysis of performance and opportunity are quickly visible because data is structured to uncover relative performance
  • Opportunity discovery – No two organizations are the same. Specialized performance experts are constantly working to understand your current process and past performance to uncover future opportunities for improvement
  • National benchmarks – Benefit from the data of hundreds of organizations operating on the network
  • Tailored data analysis – Regular reviews with Connance staff provide actionable insights driven by the value of predictive analytics and segmented workflows

Getting started with Connance and realizing your organization’s true potential is fast and easy. A structured three phase process moves from business case to deployment to performance management

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