Connance Overview

Connance was founded in 2007 to help healthcare providers harness the insights of predictive analytics to optimize workflow. Today, Connance is healthcare’s premier source of predictive analytic technology solutions that enable hospitals, clinicians and outsourcing organizations to optimize financial and clinical workflows for sustained performance improvement. Leveraging your data, our data and consumer data, Connance delivers Revenue Cycle and Population Health solutions that prioritize activity and tailor workflows to improve net income, reduce costs, and enhance the patient experience.


The Connance Difference

Connance combines predictive analytics, segmented workflows and performance management to prioritize activity and tailor workflow to impact net income and drive improved outcomes.

  • Results oriented – Our client’s performance is the yardstick of success. Every engagement starts with a business case for clear alignment.
  • A national database across revenue classes – With a network of clients across the US, Connance has visibility every month to millions of encounters spanning payer classes, healthcare settings, operating models, and consumer types.
  • World class analytics – Our own analytic team is supported by world-class partners like FICO and PARO Decision Support.
  • Free of credit data – None of our analytics utilize traditional credit bureau data so there are no “soft hits” and models have more comprehensive coverage.
  • Cash and cost optimizing – Connance solutions configure to fit the client priorities and segmentation strategies are calibrated to the client’s specific economics.
  • Configurable cloud-based technology – Quick to connect and configure to your specific situation.
  • End-to-end focus – Solutions integrate internal teams with their external vendor network and focus each where their skills and cost structures match the goal.
  • Continuous improvement – The focus is about getting better every day.
  • Specialized consulting support – Connance has a team of experienced staff to meet your consulting needs that can come with new technologies and process.

Getting started with Connance and realizing your organization’s true potential is fast and easy. A structured three phase process moves from business case to deployment to performance management

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