More than 75 of the leading agencies and outsourcers are connected to the Connance Platform, using Connance predictive analytics internally or transacting with their provider clients as part of their client’s outsourcing program.

Agencies and outsourcers include early out, bad debt, secondary bad debt, claims follow up, physician billing, eligibility, demand letter, MVA and Worker’s Compensation vendors.

With Connance predictive analytics, leading agencies and outsourcers are realizing lower operating costs and better cash recoveries which convert to more revenue and stronger relationships with their client hospitals and health systems.

West Asset Management

“Being connected to the platform has helped us work more efficiently, create greater performance transparency and hospitals have been more responsive to our requests through the work queues. It has also helped us differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”

State Collection Service

“Connance’s platform has helped us to ensure we maintain compliance with hospital policies. It also helps keep everyone on the same page in terms of data and performance, thus supporting our relationships with our hospital clients.”


“MDS has experience and ease of implementation with Connance on multiple client/hospital system engagements. Their knowledge of varying PFS models and predictive analytics have been found to be extremely valuable to our clients. MDS has enjoyed a productive, team-like relationship with Connance, and considers Connance a professional and reputable organization in healthcare.”

“We value the insights, performance management, and improved communication we can now offer our clients through our partnership with Connance. The improved awareness has helped us become more dynamic and competitive in the marketplace.”

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