Reduce denials and underpayments while lowering costs and improving recoveries

Predictive analytics and advanced workflow technology segments and prioritizes claim follow-up and uncovers denial and underpayment root-causes for improved prevention. Segment worklists with specific actions and tools to measure, control, and improve collector performance from initial claim statusing through final resolution. Integrated vendor management module optimizes assignment and efforts of external vendor partners. Pattern recognition and performance analytics identify opportunities for denial prevention and continuous improvement.

  • Automatically route denials and underpayments to the right collector/ team for faster resolution
  • Claim status in real-time to improve collector productivity and reduce unproductive biller work
  • Guided work queues increase collector productivity and activity monitoring
  • Lower vendor fees by replacing simple balance-based or age-based vendor placement logic with cash value logic
  • Pinpoint denial and underpayment root causes for continuous AR process improvement

Twenty percent of denial and underpayment work has negative ROI because the cost to overturn a claim exceeds the eventual, incremental cash recovered. The unproductive claims are not limited to low balance accounts, but crosses balance bands.

Configures to Your Specific Environment

Connance solutions are delivered through a secure cloud-based optimization platform that integrates predictive analytics, a rules engine, work listing, and performance reporting with patient, payer and partner engagement modules.   Work in your existing system – EPIC, Cerner, Siemens, MEDITECH and many others – or utilize Connance’s platform as your team’s work listing, collaboration and workflow tool.

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