A Bright Future for Connance within Waystar

Written by Steve Levin, CEO of Connance

Today, I am very excited to announce that Connance will be joining Waystar, continuing our journey to establish the leading platform for healthcare providers’ workflow optimization.

Since 2007, when Connance was founded, our goal has always been to support healthcare providers in leveraging data and predictive technology to drive process improvement for a superior patient experience. We started in patient pay revenue and then broadened across revenue classes and vendor management. Recently, we expanded into social determinants and value-based care, a realm that is the front-end of patient relationship management and loyalty. Along the way, we were able to help the industry understand that analytics needed to be coupled with workflow and performance management for continuous improvement.

As consumerism has continued to drive change within health systems and their revenue cycles and as the industry has consolidated and restructured in many ways, it has become apparent that our clients need an even more comprehensive predictive partner – one that continues to apply world class data science with workflows and points of impact more broadly in the business system than Connance alone could achieve.

With Waystar, we can take a significant step towards that vision by creating a leading end-to-end data-driven platform for healthcare providers of all types, sizes and sophistication to leverage for breakthrough operational performance and better patient experiences. We complement one another in our existing solutions. We have similar views of how you build great technology and innovate.

Our organizations share a passion for simplifying and improving the operational effectiveness of our clients. Together we can deliver more value in existing deployments and pathways to enhanced performance with expansion and integration. This will improve solution performance, solution innovations and ultimately make us an even better partner for providers and their patients.

The leadership team at Connance is extremely proud of what Connance has accomplished over the past years and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead. The future of Connance within Waystar is bright with virtually no limits.