Connance Integrated Patient Engagement Answers the Consumerism Demand for Health Systems During the Revenue Cycle Process

Integrated predictive analytics and engagement solution drive superior patient financial experience through digital communications and modern payment methods

BOSTON – June 25, 2018 – Connance, a healthcare leader in predictive analytics to personalize the financial experience, today announced its Integrated Patient Engagement solution that meets the consumerism demand. This solution brings together technology, process, and resources to drive a superior patient experience by enabling faster recoveries at a lower cost.

In an answer to the growing demand for a more modern and convenient way to pay for care since patients are the new payers, Connance developed the industry’s only comprehensive patient engagement program that is driven by predictive analytics. Connance Integrated Patient Engagement enables a robust, multi-channel approach that uniquely combines predictive analytics, digital and telephonic outreach and financing options into a turnkey solution to drive efficient and convenient patient collections. This powerful, modular engagement solution powers all aspects of the patient pay process and meets the needs of consumerism through:

  •  Patient engagement: Advanced Propensity to Pay and Presumptive Charity segmentation drive workflow sequences that are designed to increase patient pay collections, optimize staff productivity, and improve the patient experience by delivering the right message at the right time through either digital communications (email/text) or outbound telephony.
  • Personalized financial options: Payment Plan Optimization Analytic determines the best-personalized payment plan for maximizing the likelihood of the greatest return and provides a waterfall of financial payment options that are tailored to the patient experience.
  • Self-service technology: The payment portal provides a personalized, web responsive financial engagement experience for patients in all areas of the payment cycle.
  • Deployment flexibility: Connance Integrated Patient Engagement is a cloud-based solution that is designed to interface and work seamlessly with existing revenue cycle and engagement solutions

“The financial responsibility for patients is continuously rising and we don’t see that leveling out or declining any time soon,” said Steve Levin, co-founder and chief executive officer, Connance. “With more and bigger bills in patient hands, providers are faced with the challenge of maintaining a positive patient experience while asking for more money. Our Integrated Patient Engagement solution meets the need in this new environment, integrating communication before and after service, targeting messages and offers, and improving collections while maintaining a positive patient experience.”

To learn more about the Connance Integrated Patient Engagement solution, visit our website.

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