Fierce Healthcare Recognizes Connance with Innovation Award

Healthcare Analytics Company Edges out Four Finalists to Take Home Top Prize in Data Analytics/Business Intelligence Category

Waltham, MA—October 18, 2016—Connance, a leading provider of healthcare predictive analytics solutions, was named the 2016 winner of the Fierce Innovation Award: Healthcare Edition, for their Value-based Risk Analytics platform powered by Whole Patient Insight™, in the category of Data Analytics/Business Intelligence.

Whole Patient Insight was designed to deliver previously hidden insight into the socio-demographic challenges and risks patients face outside of the hospital or clinic. “These factors can have a dramatic impact on their ability to get and stay healthy,” says Randy K. Hawkins, M.D., chief medical officer of Connance. “We help our clients develop targeted intervention strategies to improve care navigation, resource allocation, and most importantly, patient outcomes.”

The company’s Value-Based Risk Analytics Platform identifies critical sociodemographic data elements and synthesizes them into risk measures that are easily operationalized. Clinicians can then develop care plans matching the right set of home and community-based services to the right patient, at the right time, for maximum health benefit. With Whole Patient Insight, Connance offers a differentiated approach to creating meaningful personalized care experiences.

“This is the first tool I’ve seen that takes into account socio-demographics which are critical to improving outcomes,” says one of the distinguished panel of Fierce Innovation Judges as part of the award announcement.

All award applications were evaluated based on scoring for the following criteria: care efficiency, competitive advantage, financial impact/value, market need, patient experience/satisfaction, quality of care and patient outcomes, and overall fierceness and innovation.

Winners were selected by a panel of CIOs from U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems including Aspirus, Cook Children’s Health Care System, and JFK Health System, among others. A complete list of judges can be found at

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Inc. Connance is the healthcare’s industry-leading provider of predictive analytics solutions that personalize the financial and clinical experience for patients. Transforming the revenue cycle and value-based care delivery, Connance leverages data science, integrated to workflow to drive enhanced performance. Connance delivers Patient Pay Optimization, Reimbursement Optimization and ValueBased Risk solutions that combine our data, hospital data and consumer data to stratify patients based on social determinants to predict behavior and provide actionable insights to improve net income and patient outcomes. Connance solutions connect more than 500 hospitals, over 1000 physician practices, and other clinical locations, and more than 80 collection agencies nationwide creating the largest research database of its kind. For more information call (781) 577-5000 or visit

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