Preventing Denials and Underpayments Top Priority for Healthcare Finance Chiefs

New Study by Connance and Porter Research Detail Revenue Cycle Pain Points

Waltham, MA—September 20, 2016—When it comes to revenue cycle optimization, healthcare chief financial officers wrestle most with preventing denials and underpayments, according to a recent survey by Connance and Porter Research.

“What Keeps Healthcare Finance Executives Up at Night?” consisted of 11 questions organized around respondents’ revenue cycle priorities. Among the 93 respondents, 85 percent were CFOs, and nearly half were from enterprises with net patient revenue of less than $150MM.

“Regulatory pressures, together with the constant drumbeat to lower cost and elevate patient care have healthcare financial executives facing a lot of competing challenges,” says Steve Levin, chief executive officer of Connance. “We wanted to know how they planned to confront them.”

Priorities for small and large organizations were generally similar. The top three priorities for large systems was managing bundle payments, identifying patients likely to qualify for financial assistance and improving patient registration data and eligibility accuracy. The smaller respondents focused on resolving denials and underpayments, improving the efficiency of financial assistance efforts, and analyzing denials and underpayment trends to find patterns.

When asked to prioritize initiatives, few were comfortable with their current performance. Among the 81 percent who identified preventing denials and underpayments as a priority, 78 percent described their current performance as poor or fair.

As for how they planned to manage these priorities, new technology, and new hires were the preferred solutions. For those who prioritized calculating patient liability prior to or at the point of service, or who were looking at underpayment trends to find patterns, new technology was the preferred solution for 66 percent of respondents. To boost the efficacy of financial assistance efforts and increase collection rates (among insured and uninsured), new hires are the preferred answer.

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