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Population Health Initiatives Need to Take a More Holistic Approach

The ability to approach population health initiatives requires a holistic view of individual patients, the context of their community environment and the barriers that prevent access to resources. Continued, “siloed” use of claims and clinical data without socio-demographic and behavioral insight to define targeted patient populations will only provide a superficial view of those in need of strategic interventions.

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Do you have what it takes for successful patient engagement?

Never before has engaging patients been so critical to the growth and sustainability of healthcare providers and organizations. Whether the goal of patient engagement is to manage the health of a population, maximize patient satisfaction and loyalty, or transition to value-based care, providers cannot underestimate the power of actively identifying socio-demographic attributes of their patient populations.

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A Credit Score Caution

A Common approach to prioritizing self-pay collection efforts borrows from the claims collection process – focusing resources first on high-balance accounts. But many high-balance accounts are less likely to pay and require more effort to resolve than low-balance accounts. This has led some organizations to begin using “propensity-to-pay” scores as a way of prioritizing resources and making smarter decisions about how to collect from patients. The most common propensity-to-pay scores are calculated using credit bureau data. This approach has significant downside that providers should consider.

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The Epic Transformation of Case Managers

As I review my notes from the conference speakers and poster sessions, I realize the tremendous but evolving role case managers continue to play throughout the healthcare system. Advocating for and guiding patients through the healthcare maze has always been a core strength of ours, but now we are expected to apply our skills toward even more targeted goals like reducing readmission risk, improving outcomes, and improving an organization’s bottom line under value-based payments. As healthcare delivery continues to evolve, so does the role of case management in these new care models.

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Caring For The Whole Patient With Context

I’m a native New Englander, so cold weather doesn’t bother me too much. Even so, I still look forward to the early signs of spring (especially after the winter we just experienced). So when the temperature begins to consistently hover above thirty-five degrees, I know that the snow and ice will soon begin to melt

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